*StarLink* & *USA-GNG* Overland Bound Weekly NET

Fridays at 7:30 PM CST (01:30 UTC) - Overland Bound Weekly NET

A net for people who like to explore and take part in overland (or extreme) camping - Hosted on the USA Grits-N-Gravy Conference
server  & via the *STARLINK* Conference  server  Echolink node 357087, Allstar HUB Node 41120, IRLP Reflector 9256 or DMR TG-3148905.
This Node is Most Active between the hours of 7:00pm CST and 2:00am CST.


STARLINK SYSTEM HUB Node 41120  -- AB5JK - 444.600 & 146.620, Uvalde Texas, United States

*1 =>  Link Disconnect                  
*2 =>  Link Connect (Monitor Only)
*3 =>  Link Connect                     
*70 =>  Link Status                      
*99 => Key Phone PTT                
# => UnKey Phone PTT              

To connect to another Allstar node, use the Link Connect (*3) plus the node number. For example, to connect to node 2000, use *32000. To Disconnect from a node, use the Link Disconnect (*1) plus the node number.

ALLSTAR Connections

Powered by 10 gigabit redundant network connections and all of our host machines use the latest-gen Intel CPU architecture with 100% SSD storage.